Wedding Photography Services Terms and Conditions

1. Booking and Payment: (a) To secure the wedding date, a non-refundable booking fee of 20% of the total package cost is required. (b) The remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks before the wedding date. (c) Payments can be made via bank transfer, cheque or cash in person. Details will be provided upon booking confirmation.

2. Cancellation and Refunds: (a) In the event of cancellation by the client, the booking fee is non-refundable. (b) If the cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the wedding date, the full payment is still applicable. (c) In the unlikely event of the photographer cancelling, a full refund will be provided to the customer if efforts to secure a replacement photographer fail.

3. Coverage: (a) The photographer will provide coverage for the agreed number of hours on the wedding day, as specified in the chosen package. (b) Any additional coverage beyond the agreed-upon hours will be subject to an additional fee.

4. Image Delivery: (a) The final edited images will be delivered within 2 weeks of the wedding day. (b) Images will be delivered in a high-resolution digital format via an online service or USB drive.

5. Image Usage and Copyright: (a) The client is granted personal use rights to the images for non-commercial purposes. (b) The photographer retains the copyright to all images and may use them for promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

6. Cooperation: (a) The client agrees to cooperate with the photographer to achieve the best possible results. (b) The photographer is not responsible for the lack of coverage caused by the client's failure to provide adequate cooperation.

7. Artistic License: (a) The photographer reserves the right to exercise artistic discretion in the selection and editing of images. (b) The client trusts the photographer's professional judgment in capturing and editing images.

8. Model Release: (a) The client grants the photographer permission to use the images for promotional purposes, including but not limited to online portfolios and social media.

9. Liability: (a) The photographer is not responsible for any injuries or damages that occur during the wedding. (b) The client is responsible for the conduct of their guests and ensuring a safe environment for the photographer.

10. Force Majeure: (a) In the case of unforeseen events such as illness, accidents, or other emergencies, the photographer will make reasonable efforts to provide a replacement or reschedule the service.

11. Insurance: (a) We advise the client to take out an adequate Wedding Insurance Service which covers all aspects of the wedding package. Various online services are available. Price Comparison Websites will also assist you with your choice.

A reasonable policy will cost around £100 and will cover many aspects of your wedding expenses.

Feeding Photographer Terms and Conditions

1. Provision of Meals: (a) The client agrees to provide a meal for the photographer(s) during the wedding day if the coverage extends beyond 5 hours consecutively. (b) The meal will be a substantial and nutritious meal, similar to that provided to guests, and will be served in a timely manner. (c) The client will make reasonable efforts to accommodate any special dietary requirements and will inform the photograph er(s) of the meal options in advance.

2. Timing of Meal Service: (a) The client will coordinate with the caterer or venue to ensure that the photographer(s) receive their meal during a suitable break in the event schedule. (b) The photographer(s) will communicate their preferred time for the meal, taking into consideration optimal times for capturing key moments during the event.

3. Adequate Seating: (a) The client will provide suitable and comfortable seating for the photographer(s) during the meal. (b) The seating arrangement should be in proximity to the main event area to allow for quick return to photography duties.

4. Courtesy and Consideration: (a) The client understands that providing a meal for the photographer(s) contributes to their overall well-being and helps maintain focus and energy throughout the event. (b) The photographer(s) will make every effort to be discreet and unobtrusive while eating, ensuring minimal disruption to the event.

5. Meal Cost: (a) The cost of the meal for the photographer(s) is not included in the photography package and is the responsibility of the client.

6. Gratitude: (a) The photographer(s) express appreciation for the client's consideration in providing a meal during the event.


By hiring our photography services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined above regarding the provision of meals for the photographer(s) during the wedding day.

Copies of this document will be signed by both parties upon booking and payment of deposit.


Jon Mac Photography